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How not to remain deceived by bankers — swindlers


Credit rates have risen today. The key rate of the central bank was increased by one and a half percent. Now there can be no talk of profitable percents. You need to figure out what can you do for don’t become a hostage of the bank and don’t lose too much time and of course money. That is important to understand that there are some banks that still continue to issue profitable loans, but you need to know how to use them correctly.
Currently, when the rate of the Central Bank is constantly increasing, bank customers should be attentive.


First, you need to look at the credibility of a financial institution. First you need to figure out who issues loans. It is necessary to find out if the lending institution is registered in the register. Otherwise, you can get to unscrupulous creditors.

Secondly, it is too important to pay attention to the contract , which is issued by the bank and you sign it. After all, as soon as your signature is signed in the contract, this means that you automatically give your consent to perform all that is specified in the contract. Each position must be performed by the client. Each agreement with creditors the client must confirm in writing. In this situation we are talking about money. And then they can’t do anything.

Loan, which is obtained by a person, should be used only for personal purposes. Sooner or later, the funds will have to be returned to the financial institution, besides with percents. Before you get a loan, you need to know whether it can meet your expectations and needs. For example, a mortgage is taken for the purchase of real estate, consumer loans — for temporary needs.

How to take a loan in a bank
The loan is taken exclusively in the money that you earn. They look at your salary and then give a new loan.
If they offer loans in a profitable currency, for example, in dollars, then you need to realize that not a financial institution will solve your problems in case of currency market volatility, but you. For example, today the ruble collapsed very much. Because loans in foreign currency are very dangerous.


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